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A cat in the house is another member of your family that needs the same care and the right care. You should not neglect the fact that the cat not only needs to be constantly stroked, picked up, played with and fed, but you also need to know what you can and cannot give it. At the same time, both the food and the care of the animal must be correct. So, now we'll talk about what is the proper care for cats, what it consists in.
  1. Proper nutrition of the animal;
  2. hygiene (grooming);
  3. conditions for life.
  4. Let's look at everything in order, so:

The first and most important thing that you should always take into account, of course, the correct nutrition of your pet - do not feed him what you did not eat yourself. What the cat eats, directly affects his health, the ability of the immune system of the animal to resist viruses. Cats' food should be balanced and complete (meat, grains and vegetables). Meat is not only boiled, but also raw, and this also applies to fruits and vegetables. As for cereals, these are buckwheat, wheat, pearl millet, and legumes. If we talk about the type of meat itself, then rabbit and poultry are the most suitable in terms of protein to fat ratio. Not all adult cats and cats can tolerate milk, while kittens can. Milk should be replaced with dairy products.

If you do not want your cat to procreate, you should think about sterilization, and ask your vet how to properly care for the animals after such procedures. As for grooming: brush cats (those with lots of hair more often than others), keep an eye on their claws. The hair of the cat depends on the type of brush, always consider this fact before buying such an accessory. When using scissors, be extremely careful not to damage the blood vessels. If you are afraid to do such a procedure yourself, it is better to consult a specialist.

The eyes of the cat/cat are another area that needs special care. The eyes should be wiped with a damp swab, removing all pus secretions or any other accumulation in the corner of the pet's eyes. Ears should be cleaned no more than once a week. Dark wax color indicates possible diseases, following which the pet should be seen by a doctor immediately.

Separate attention is paid to the oral cavity of the cat/cat. It is recommended to brush your pet's teeth once a week. If there is a suspicious smell from the mouth, it is better to show the pet to the dentist.

Provide your pet with all the necessary conditions for a normal life. Change its litter box regularly and wash its food trays. Have at least two bowls for water and food.
Show your pet to the veterinarian unnecessarily about once every three months. The doctor will always examine him, check the process of possible diseases. He will be given all the necessary vaccinations. Remember, only we are responsible for those whom we have tamed. And only we are responsible for the health of our animals.