02 Jun

Animals are like people, only they don't talk. At the same time, their behavior is a direct hint of what they want to tell us. And if we are vigilant to our pets, we can come to their aid in time. Unusual and unusual behavior of the animal signals that there is something wrong with it. And the reasons for this can be just such a stressful change of scenery, the appearance of another pet in the house, mistreatment of the pet, weaning very young kittens or dogs from their mothers, etc.

So, the "signals" and causes of stress in an animal

1. Untidiness .

The moment when the animal has stopped going to his toilet and began to fix his need where he wants. But here we should consider the fact that small pets may not yet have time to toilet in their proper places, or animals can develop cystitis. But if these facts are excluded, then the causes may be a disease of someone in the family, affecting the hormonal background, pregnancy of the mistress. All this leads to the fact that in the house there is a different smell for the animal and he tries to "save" the situation, making the smell for him to be the same, so to speak "his scent".

2. Consumption of the inedible.

If the animal has started eating things that are not eaten at all, then you should think about it. He may have gastrointestinal problems, worms or even diseases related to neoplasms in the brain. This is where you should not hesitate to seek help from a specialist.

3. Poor appetite or overeating

If your pet loves to eat then he should be given more exercise to prevent obesity. If, however, appetite has worsened, then you should think about possible causes, such as soreness - the pet may just be sick.

4. Manifestation of vandalism

If we leave our pet alone at home, he gets bored. This is especially evident after the weekend, as the house is full of noise and someone is constantly playing with the pet, for example, children. Then the pet, in particular the dog, begins to show its boredom: chewing its paws until they bleed, beating on something. In such cases, you just need to train your pet to be alone when you are not around. Give him his own space, his own private corner of the house. And this applies to both cats and dogs.

5. The manifestation of dementia

This disorder manifests itself in animals at an older age. They may start to forget what they used to love so much, to change their habits. To prevent this from happening, you need to make them play, developing their intelligence and thus keep their brain from getting bored.

6. Reaction to going to the vet

While some animals react practically nothing, others may show aggression to the doctor, running away, hiding.

What pet owners who need to take their pets to the vet should do
First of all, take the pet's favorite toy, as well as a treat to reward it afterwards or to pamper it during the exam (only if the doctor approves it). Also, don't get nervous yourself and change your voice about the animal, telling him what to do. If you yourself are agitated, the animal senses this and becomes agitated himself, or becomes aggressive towards those around him, defending you himself.