02 Jun

It's no secret that the food we eat affects our health. 

Likewise, what we feed our pets affects their health and overall well-being. Eating right and feeding our dogs right is a must for everyone who is concerned about both their health and the health of their pets. True, not all owners take this issue seriously, giving their dogs everything they can, so to speak, what they can, what they can't. And, in good faith, we give them our own food, thinking that the food we buy is just chemicals. But this article will change your mind about dog food.

So, taurine is an amino acid that is found in the heart muscle. It is necessary for the heart to work properly, preventing hypertrophy. If this amino acid is in short supply, then heart failure develops, myocardium. Dogs of medium and large breeds suffer from this disease more often than others. At the same time, there were cases that cats also had this problem. What is interesting, it is possible to eliminate the lack of taurine by giving the cat food containing this amino acid.

Unfortunately, Cocker Spaniel and Golden Retriever dogs are also more prone to taurine deficiency. And as research has shown, if you give these dogs a diet that includes taurine, this problem can be avoided.

Why taurine deficiency occurs:

Consumption of minimal amounts of taurine.Too much loss of taurine leaving the body with feces.Change in taurine metabolism.In addition to taurine, the dog must also get L-carnitine. The presence of this amino acid within normal limits ensures normal cardiac function. If its amount is less than the norm, then the risk of myocardium increases.
Bottom line: watch your dog's diet and only give him what's good for him, sparing him the occasional spoilage.