1. Proper nutrition of the animal;
  2. hygiene (grooming);
  3. conditions for life.
  4. Let's look at everything in order, so:

The first and most important thing that you should always take into account, of course, the correct nutrition of your pet - do not feed him what you did not eat yourself. What the cat eats, directly affects his health, the ability of the immune system of the animal to resist viruses. Cats' food should be balanced and complete (meat, grains and vegetables). Meat is not only boiled, but also raw, and this also applies to fruits and vegetables. As for cereals, these are buckwheat, wheat, pearl millet, and legumes. If we talk about the type of meat itself, then rabbit and poultry are the most suitable in terms of protein to fat ratio. Not all adult cats and cats can tolerate milk, while kittens can. Milk should be replaced with dairy products.